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Emotional Abuse and Manipulation. Welcome to the New Norm.

This decade has not been the easiest, or the happiest. I'll agree to that. But is it just me or did everyone suddenly become extremely emotional? All of this crying and sobbing, and victimization of every single person. What in hell is happening? Make it make sense!!

Hyper-emotionalization (google it) is becoming more and more prevalent; on the news, on tv shows; it seems that everywhere you look someone is crying. Well here's something you might not know. Emotion (in particular sad emotion) can be a very sly way of manipulation. You read that right, manipulation. Media tycoons have known this forever - and brands are starting to 'tap' into this. It's scientifically proven that "feeling" can be manipulated to think a certain way.

That is why we are seeing more and more people show up in our news, and on tv shows, crying about something or another. When you couple this incessant emotion with the narcissism that runs rampant in 2022, you have a situation never really seen before. You see, there have always been those less fortunate, those who are marginalized. But in today's day and age we are being told that we must somehow atone for everyone's problem. So if you were bullied, abused, depressed, sad, uncomfortable in your body, in the closet, etcetera, etcetera, you now have a worldwide platform to discuss your grievances, and become emotional about how wronged you were in life.

SPOILER ALERT! Life isn't fair. So stop feeling sorry for yourself, whoever the hell you are. Whatever it is that you're feeling sorry about, forget it, let it go, move on and so on. I'm not suggesting that trauma should be avoided. Of course there is a time and a place to discuss and recover from whatever trauma that has happened in your life. But the proliferation of the entire world wanting to be heard is creating so much noise and also creating people like me, who literally don't care to hear about anyone's problems (including my own) any more.

What happened to to the strong silent types? What happened to people who assumed that life wasn't fair? What happened to the everyday Joe, who was actually satisfied with life. When did we as a human species come to the conclusion that we had it within our own pea brains to make anything better. Lets look at our track record... by all accounts, humans only make things WORSE.

So here are my thoughts:

  1. If you have a problem, congratulations - you are one of 7 billion who do

  2. As one of those 7 billion lets do eachother a favor - you don't tell me your problems and I won't tell you mine

  3. Lets stop crying unless it's absolutely necessary. Lets all grow some balls and pull up our big girl panties and get on with life.


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