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The LGBTQ+ Agenda. It's Real.

I said it, it's real, and no it's not a conspiracy. There are certain things that are seemingly becoming truer and truer the more you look. There is a clear agenda happening in Western Culture (namely the US, UK, Canada, Australia and most first world countries) to promote and encourage LGBTQ at the expense of traditional family values. In fact, traditional values seem almost uncool. But why? Why is this becoming so prevalent - and what about the Trans Agenda how does that fit into all of this. Lets Make It Make Sense.

Homosexuality (until the early 70s) was a pathology, listed in the DSM as a mental disorder. Now I'm not saying it is but I recognize that there is an underlying mental distress, or certainly unresolved emotional issues that pertain to most lesbians and homosexuals. Yes, that is a controversial statement but when we consider the life of a homosexual man or woman, it differs greatly to a life that offers peace and stability. Instability seems to follow most homosexuals, particularly now, since decency and humility are literally non-existent. Extensive partners, emotional conflicts, and even violent domestic life seems the norm. It is now OK, in fact, it is encouraged to be eccentric, to be out, to be open, and certainly in some ways, that is positive. However, the level of victimhood that persists amongst these groups is deplorable.

Here's the deal man (in the words of Joe Biden) - I honestly don't care what you do sexually behind closed doors. Truthfully it's none of my business and in exchange none of your business what I do in mine. Wasn't that the point all along - that gay people would be treated the same as their heterosexual counterparts? And yet the level of debauchery in social media, and television and the prolific narrative that being gay should be encouraged is downright wrong. Ask any homosexual if their life was easier being gay. The answer is likely no. And the media and our governments continue to push that this is ok. Even the catholic church is now on board to align with the insanity of 'wokeness' or correctness. What the hello is going on here?

"The gay agenda is real. Deal with it. Don't Believe me? READ THIS

The number of Gen Z's who identify as LGBT has skyrocketed. Certainly this has to do with the openness and acceptance of homosexuality but don't you think some of this has to do with the constant indoctrination of LGBT to this group? Homosexuality is doubling, if this keeps up, we'll all be gay, and maybe that's the point?

Here is what I believe, the agenda runs far and deep. At the core, this has to do with the de-masculinization of boys and men. Strong men are not allowed; the line between male and female is blurred to ambiguity. Why you ask? That's where the Transgender Agenda comes into play.

Transgenderism, (or body dysmorphia which is more appropriate) is the belief that the gender you're born to is not what you should be. There is legislation in the US and likely other countries allowing for children as young as 10 to be administered drugs that would drastically change their body. I think it's fair to say that a 10 year old may not have the wherewithal to understand these drastic changes. They are children for christ sakes. But none the less here is how I believe the agenda goes:

  1. Make homosexuality the 'norm'

  2. Allow homosexuality be accepted by the world (including religions)

  3. Remove gender affirming roles (no male or female, non-binary please)

  4. Create new confusing words to say your a man or a woman (like cis gendered)

  5. Create a pregnant man emoji

  6. Erase the line completely for men and woman by pushing Transgenderism

  7. Start talking about Transhumanism

  8. Put chips in human brains

  9. Become the aliens.

This might all sound like a crazy conspiracy but the truth of the matter is I miss the simplicity of what the world once was. Where a man was allowed to be a man, and a woman was happy to be a woman. Where family was cherised and tradition was normal. Unfortunately those days are gone, and I cringe at what the future of this world will be.

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